Class Design Studies

During my time at Loyola University Chicago, I furthered my knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite that I started in high school. My passion for design led me to minor in visual communications.

Illustrator Studies

Illustrator has become one of my favorite Adobe Creative Suite products. These are some of my earlier studies using the tool.

This is a business card I designed for myself.

I had the opportunity to design a chapbook for one of my favorite fonts, Futura. I illustrated characters from the Legion of Super-Heroes since their storylines take place in the 31st century.

One assignment I had was to illustrate an image based off a Latin saying. Inspired by the advertising campaign for the movie, Watchmen, I illustrated a character based off a comic book panel from the graphic novel of the same name. The Latin phrase is "Who Watches the Watchmen?"

The Loyola University Chicago School of Communication had a T-Shirt design contest. My design won for the back of the shirt.

Integrated Photography

Using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, I created multiple digital graphics for class assignments that required the blending of text and photography in a creative layout.

The assignment was to create a map using text and images. I decided to focus my map on my experience abroad in Rome. I used pictures that I took on the weekends when I was out with friends to describe our walk through downtown Rome.

This is an advertisement to sell "my brand" to a future employer in ten years that I created in my mass media advertising class. We had to write a fictionalized account of what we would love to do in ten years and design an advertisement to go along with the copy.

I was given the task of creating a CD cover of my favorite band. I chose imagery that matched the lyrics of a Brand New song.

Newspaper & Magazine Layout

The following newspapers and magazines were all designed using InDesign for a layout and editing class.