Motorola Solutions

At Motorola Solutions, I led the company's social media function and executed on the strategy daily through the creation of engaging and visually appealing content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Social Media Copy & Graphics  

In my role, I wrote copy using Motorola Solutions-owned and industry hashtags and created graphics for the company's social media channels. The branded graphics templates were rolled out globally to ensure consistency across corporate and regional accounts while driving a branded experience.




Newsroom Refresh

With the need to update the look of the Motorola Solutions Newsroom, I worked with a vendor and our operations team to refresh the layout of the site. The project allowed us to showcase banner images for a more visual look while incorporating in social widgets to drive traffic to Twitter and Instagram. The addition of social media allowed for an always dynamic environment.


An outcome of the Motorola Solutions Newsroom refresh project was a new blogging platform called "Stories." Through my work with the recruiting team as well as the business councils, I wrote a story about the company's involvement with the Society of Women Engineers, the nonprofit's annual conference and our support and activities at the event. The story acted as a landing page and hub for all things Motorola Solutions at SWE's WE19 conference.